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During this unprecedented time, the most important thing that we can all do is to keep our communities safe. And at this moment that still generally means staying home. If you are used to working in an office setting, the inability to physically be there for clients can add an additional layer of stress to this already difficult time. This is where we step up, ready to serve.
Running an IT business is demanding, and frequently you cannot be tasked with answering calls when you are handling another, more urgent, matter. Fortunately, Academy Communications can help you! Since 1928 we have been helping other businesses with their telephone answering needs. From our offices in Cleveland, Ohio, we work hard to take the calls that you just can’t take. What’s more, our staff of highly trained professionals are familiar with the IT industry and will be able to field your calls without incident.
Are you tired of calling your medical office or local hospital and getting the annoying answering machine options? Do you wish that you could just speak to a real person instead of getting a machine?
At Academy Communications, when it comes to your critical medical communications, whether from patients, clinics, or inter-office, we have you covered. Our dedicated medical answering service division...
Telephone answering services were viewed as a service that was only used by doctors’ offices or large corporations with a huge customer base. However, times have changed. In the existing business environment today, professional answering services play a huge role. Many companies know that their customers are the reason that their businesses are thriving today. To retain current customers and...
At Academy Communications, we provide more than just basic boring telephone answering services. Find out how we can help your business reach more customers.
No company would be around if it weren't for their customers. Don't miss out on giving great customer service just because you were closed.
Academy Communications regularly shares company news for the benefit of small businesses to large Fortune 500 companies to raise awareness of our outsourcing call center and answering services for the U.S.
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