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5 Benefits of Having a Telephone Answering Service

Telephone answering services were viewed as a service that was only used by doctors’ offices or large corporations with a huge customer base.  However, times have changed.  In the existing business environment today, professional answering services play a huge role.  Many companies know that their customers are the reason that their businesses are thriving today.  To retain current customers and attract prospective customers they realize that the key is “giving great customer service”.  How can you provide excellent customer service after-hours, during holidays when your office is closed or during emergencies?  Out of 100 top retailers 79 resorted to “automated phone services” or “voice-prompt menus”.  The result, customers were turned against these companies, even though the companies were doing everything else well!

Live Operators vs. Automated

At Academy Communications, a Cleveland based phone answering Service Company, we have the solution.  Our primary offering as a Cleveland telephone answering service company is LIVE operator services.  We use computer technology and enhanced features to ensure that your calls are handled in an effective and efficient manner, meeting the specific needs of your clients.  Our experienced Business Support Associate’s quality of service and professional demeanor reflects the level of service that your customers expect from you.  We keep you apprised of each of your customers’ requests via email, text, phone, or fax.  So you never miss an opportunity to service your customers’ needs.

24-hours per day, 7 days a week, and 365 days per year

Since most businesses are only open for a certain number of hours per day, our professional answering services keep you available to your clients around the clock so you never miss an opportunity to provide exceptional customer service around the clock 24/7.  Even when emergencies arise, we’re there for you.  A true Academy Communications success story is when one of our clients experienced bad weather in their area and the company lost power.  They were able to contact us and we had their calls forwarded to us for handling and their services continued without skipping a beat!

Eliminate language barriers

Have you had the experience where you have called a company or received a phone call from a company and the person on the other end of the phone you could not understand!  After minutes or repeating yourself or asking them to repeat themselves you hang up out of frustration!  You will not have that experience when you or your customers make contact with an Academy Connections Business Associate.  Cleveland is known as “The land without an accent” bearing the most comprehensive dialect that is easily understood.

Efficient in cutting costs

Securing the services of an answering telephone service company ensures that you have the opportunity to service your customers when it is most convenient for them. This service shows your customers how important they are to you, thereby reducing the revenue loss that comes from missed opportunities to turn a new lead into a loyal customer. In turn operational costs, infrastructure costs, maintenance, staff salary and administration costs are reduced significantly through the use of our quality services.

Serving everyone from small local businesses to Fortune 500 companies

Here at Academy Communications, we understand that quality customer care should not be based on the size of your operation. We pride ourselves on serving everyone from small local businesses to Fortune 500 companies, like American Greetings, Lincoln Electric, Wal-Mart, Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland Browns, KFC, The Salvation Army, Hertz, Office Depot, and American Red Cross.  With us, you will receive only first-class customer service through our call answering services.  As one of Ohio’s largest full-service messaging call centers we provide Youngstown answering services, Mentor answering services, Akron answering services, and Columbus answering services.  We continue to grow and have the privilege of extending our business answering services, lead generation services, urgent call handling services and Remote Receptionist services to customers Nationwide.


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