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Wisconsin is known as America’s Dairyland, but there is much more going on in this Midwestern state. The cheese is great, but so are the fantastic lakes and the football. Besides the agricultural businesses, there are plenty of other opportunities for businesses in Wisconsin. Academy Communications is a telephone answering service that is designed to help the businesses in Wisconsin become as successful as possible.Wisconsin Answering Service | Academy Com

Some may wonder how a telephone answering service can help a business that thrives on farming. They picture a sole farmer riding a tractor and do not think that an answering service can add anything to that picture. They may not realize that farming is a big business and there are plenty of other big, medium and small businesses that can improve the way they serve their customers, clients and employees with the help of an answering service. It does not take long for people to learn the different ways that a telephone answering service can improve the way that any business in Wisconsin operates. That improvement can help make good businesses, even better. Learning the services that are offered can help anyone understand why a telephone answering service is needed.

  • Academy Communications professional answering services provides always answering operators to take calls 24/7, 365 days a year. They are ready when the business is open or when it is closed. Customers never have to worry about what time of day they are calling at, someone is always there even when they are toiling in the fields.
  • Multiple ways to send messages – In the modern world, communication has never been easier. Operators can send messages to a business through fax, email, SMS and phone.
  • Call screening – Operators can screen the calls and can transfer calls to the right person when needed. They make sure that the right person gets the message or call. It reduces the stress of the customer and of the employees that are taking the calls.
  • Scripts designed for a business – Operators can work off of a script that is designed for a particular business. They work to make it seem like they are a part of the business and not just another person answering a phone.
  • Taking Orders – Operators can take orders for the business. When this is combined with the 24 hour answering service, it means that the business never loses a customer. That can help any industry in Wisconsin increase their revenue.
  • Scheduling – Operators can take appointments and can use the same scheduling software that the business uses. Appointments will not be missed as a result
  • Message notification – Either through an alphanumeric pager or through emails and text messages, our operators can contact the business whenever a message is received.
  • Emergency Help – Things can happen at any time of the day. Our operators are able to send out the help that is needed when a customer has a crisis that demands immediate attention.
  • RSVP Services – Operators can receive RSVPs from customers and employees for the business when they are planning an event.
  • Business hours’ support – Having a successful business is great, but at times can be overwhelming. When a business cannot handle the volume of calls they are receiving, they can turn to the operators at the answering service to help them out. No customer has to be put on hold until someone is available to take their call.

Businesses in Wisconsin cannot control when a person tries to call them. They cannot always be at the phone, ready to take a customer’s call.  Customers do not want to hear any excuses about why they could not contact a business when they wanted to. Utilizing Academy Communication solves many of the problems that businesses face in the modern world.

They make it easier for a business to communicate with themselves and with their customers. They make sure that messages are delivered in a timely fashion to the right person. They prevent the problems that can be caused by a lack of communication and they provide the support that a business needs in a world when people expect great service around the clock. In the dairy industry, customers want the best service possible and time is of the essence. That can be accomplished with the help of a professional telephone answering service.

Whether it is a small or large business in Wisconsin, making sure that customers can always get through to the business is a key to success.

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