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California Answering Services

The state of California is very diverse. It is not just about the diversity of the people in the state. There are also a wide variety of businesses operating in the Golden State. From the high tech businesses of the Silicon Valley to the agricultural businesses to the small businesses operating throughout the state, California is a place where businesses can thrive. The problem is, California is a state where businesses can fail. Often times the difference between failing and succeeding is small. Many times it can come down to one factor, the ability to communicate effectively.California Answering Service | Academy Communications

What does Communication Mean in California?

Technology has helped the people and businesses in California in many ways. When it comes to communication, it means that people can get the answers they need in a timely fashion. It means they can let others know what they want to know in many different ways. For businesses, it means that customers and employees expect to be able to reach the business at any time of the day or night. That can put a tremendous burden on smaller businesses in California. The solution for a business in California that wants to provide the best communication possible is to turn to the services offered by Academy Communications.

Academy gives businesses the ability to provide timely communication with customers and employees at any time of the day or night. They can make sure that messages are delivered in a clear and concise manner to allow a business to operate in an efficient manner that can help the business get the success that they want and deserve. This is accomplished through the wide variety of services that are offered to match the diversity in the state of California.

  • Answering Calls Night or Day – Operators can answer calls at any time of the day or night, 7 days a week. The business will never seem like it is closed. The answering service answers any calls as if they are the business. Messages can be delivered when they are received, so there are no missed opportunities.
  • Working with a Script – A script can be used so the operators at Academy Communications act as the business wants. Customers will not know they are dealing with a third party service. As far as the customer knows, they are talking to the business thanks to the scripts.
  • Handling Overflow Business – Successful businesses often cannot handle the volume of calls they are receiving. Academy Communications can handle the overflow of calls. They can take calls during business hours and make sure the calls are forwarded to the proper person in the business.
  • Sending messages in any format – Messages that are received can be transferred to the right person in several formats including email, text, fax or phone. This enhances the business’s ability to communicate effectively.
  • Call Screening – Operators can take calls and ask a few questions to help direct the call to the right person in the business. It saves time and reduces frustration that some customers feel when they have a difficult time getting in touch with the person in the business they need.
  • Appointment Making – Operators can work with the scheduling software of the business to make appointments for customers. The appointments can be made within the customer’s needs thanks to the ability to work with different types of scheduling software.
  • Order Taking – Businesses that take orders over the phone can utilize Academy’s services to increase sales. Orders can be taken and passed on to the business no matter what time it is. In California, that makes it easier to take orders from other parts of the country without worrying about the time differences.
  • RSVP Services – Operators can take calls for an event when people want to let the business know they will be attending.
  • Emergencies – Operators are trained to handle medical emergencies and other emergencies for a business. They have the ability to contact the right people to handle any emergency situation. This can reduce the liability that a business has in these situations and can save lives, time and money.

California has always been a leader in the country. They have been the state where problems are solved first. It makes sense that businesses in California can turn to Academy to solve all of the problems they face regarding communication. With the help of Academy Communications, businesses in California will never miss an opportunity for success.



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