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Arizona Answering Services

There was a point in time when Arizona was one of the fastest growing states in the United States. It was a place where people wanted to be and businesses wanted to operate. When the housing market crashed, Arizona was hard hit, but it has managed to survive. In fact, it is still one of the best places for people and businesses to be. There are big businesses that operate in Arizona, especially in the health field. Banner health is one of the largest employers in Arizona with nearly 40,000 employees.Arizona Answering Service | Academy Communications

The big businesses such as Banner Health thrive in Arizona, but they are not the only businesses serving the health industry and some of the other industries in Arizona. There are plenty of small to medium businesses that are trying to succeed as well. It takes many different things for these businesses to find the success they want, but one of the best ways to do this is to make people believe they are a bigger business. One way to accomplish that is through the services of Academy Communications.

How Does an Answering Service Help?

Whether a business has 40,000 employees or 5 employees, communication can make it easier to do things right. Being able to serve the customers in a timely fashion will help build a loyal following. It is a great way to make sure that new customers become repeat customers and that repeat customers do not go looking for someone else. The problem that small to medium size businesses run into is the belief that they do not have the resources to provide effective communication for customers and employees.

The best way to provide effective communication is by providing a variety of services. Academy Communications can create the answering service that fits the needs of the business in Arizona.

  • Answering Phones 24/7/365 – Small to medium businesses cannot always operate around the clock. Customers do not want to hear that a business is closed. This is especially true in the health industry. Operators can answer calls even if it is not during normal business hours.
  • Making Appointments – In the health industry and in many other businesses, appointments are a big part of the business. Operators can use the same software the business uses to make appointments whenever people call. Again, this can be done outside of normal operating hours. Customers can make their appointments when they need to, not when the business has someone available.
  • Call Forwarding – There are times when a call needs to be taken by the right person. Operators have the ability to forward a call to the right person when it is needed.
  • Call Screening – Getting a phone call to the right person can reduce frustration on the part of both the caller and the persons answering the calls. Operators can ask the right questions of the caller and then direct the call to the person that will be able to provide the caller with what they need.
  • Overflow Calls – When a business is having so much success that they cannot answer all of the calls that are coming in, that can be a problem. It is a good sign of success, but that success can quickly evaporate if the business does not find a way to take all of the calls. Operators can handle the extra volume of calls when needed so that customers and employees do not have to wait.
  • Working from Scripts – Many people do not want to deal with an answering service. By having operators work off the script for the business, callers will not be able to tell that they are dealing with an answering service and not the business.
  • Medical Emergencies – Medical emergencies require more than just a regular phone call to a business. Asking the wrong questions or not recognizing the severity of the emergency can be life-threatening. Operators are trained to handle these types of calls and to make the right choices to give the caller the assistance they need.
  • Sending Messages – Operators can also send messages to the right people. Messages can be sent through fax, phone, SMS or email, depending on what is the best method.

Whether a business in Arizona is in the health industry or if it is in another industry, the answering services of Academy Communications are the perfect way for a small to medium business to take on the appearance of a much larger business. Businesses will be able to provide better service to their customers can their employees. It is something that the still growing state of Arizona needs.

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